Data Governance as a Service (DGaaS) for Healthcare

Better Together: Human Expertise + Technology

Healthcare organizations have serious privacy and security blind-spots. Due to severe staffing shortages and financial constraints, many of these organizations don’t have the means to address them. Inadequate data governance and fewer personnel to meet the increasing security risks and compliance requirements mean that these organizations are often unaware of who or what devices are connecting to their networks, putting them at risk for potential disruptive and costly data breaches.  We have a solution!

Data Governance as a Service

  • Dedicated Experts

    Expert guidance to take recruiting, hiring, and onboarding data governance staff off your organization.

  • Assessment

    A comprehensive assessment of your organization’s current data governance profile.

  • Access Control Risk Score

    Risk scores based on your data governance posture.

  • Analytics Dashboard

    A solution to ensure that all key data points on network usage can be monitored for compliance and good governance.

  • Unlimited Access to Custom Solutions

    Unlimited access to our team of experts who can help you with anything you need


In the healthcare industry, every single state in the US reported a data breach in 2021, impacting over 50 million patients’ medical records. Data governance is a critical check-and-balance measure – without it, malicious actors can easily infiltrate networks and compromise confidential patient information.

Unlike traditional cybersecurity awareness training platforms, Intellegi helps healthcare organizations identify blind-spots, areas of negligence or misuse to create a sustainable data governance program with the perfect blend of human expertise and technology. We evaluate data governance frameworks to craft tailored risk profiles for our partners, fostering an enduring culture of security within the organization.

Reduce the cost and complexity of data governance with our comprehensive suite of services

The importance of having access to data governance experts to augment the capabilities of your existing IT, HR, data or security team cannot be understated - it is vital for healthcare organizations to address staffing shortages and vulnerabilities.

Intellegi provides your organization with powerful solutions that combine the ingenuity of human experts and cutting-edge technology to help your team seamlessly manage employee on-boarding and off-boarding—all at a cost-effective rate that avoids the need for costly recruitment efforts or worrying about high turnover rates of new hires.

Furthermore, we offer an insightful snapshot into who’s using your network as well as what devices are connected; effectively mitigating any potential blind -pots or security risks.

Data Governance
as a Service

In an industry plagued by staffing shortages, innovative solutions and services are needed to ensure data compliance and network security. Our suite of solutions and expert guidance can take the pressure off your organization by avoiding all the expenses associated with recruiting, hiring, and onboarding staff, particularly in the current era of high employee turnover. You get cost-effective support with minimal fuss.

What’s Included

Dedicated Experts:

We will assign data governance experts to work closely with your team to improve the quality, security and value of your organization’s data assets, ensure compliance with regulatory protection requirements, and support the data needs and goals of your organization.


Your dedicated experts will first get a “lay of the land” by performing a comprehensive assessment of your organization’s current data governance profile, including identifying the data within your systems, current behavior protocols and procedures, who has access to what data, and much more.

Access & Control Risk Score:

As part of this comprehensive assessment, our team of experts and AI tools will calculate risk scores based on your data governance profile, both overall and for several different system components, providing essential information needed to take actions to reduce risks of data breaches, cyber threats, and violations of regulatory data privacy policies.


Our data governance training programs are tailored to your organization’s needs and are designed to help your team develop an understanding of the best practices for securely storing and handling sensitive information. We ensure that regulatory policies for protecting sensitive data are clearly defined, communicated and well understood by your team.

Data Governance Framework: Policies & Rules

Through tailored policies, appropriate technical controls, and stringent procedures, we can help you discover, create data governance frameworks to address any gaps in your current system to help mitigate risks, protect patient’s medical records and other sensitive data. 


Intellegi offers ongoing insight and analysis into the performance of your newly established data governance framework, providing custom reports based on performance metrics tailored to your organization’s needs and goals. This will allow you to track progress and identify areas for continued improvement.

Performance Improvement

We provide a 360 review of your organization’s data governance posture. Our performance improvement solution can provide a comprehensive diagnostic scorecard and help identify areas for improvement.

Analytics Dashboard

Our analytics tool allows users to easily generate infographics in a variety of formats—showing patterns of network use and access, data summaries, and comprehensive visualizations—ensuring that all key data points on network usage can be monitored for compliance and good governance.

Path to your team's Success

Data Governance Assessment as a Service (DGaaS)

Data Governance Solutions

In today’s digitally dependent world, people are connecting their personal devices to the internet more than ever. However, this widespread connectivity carries a risk – devices from unknown IP addresses can log onto networks undetected and unmasked if poor data governance policies are in place. This is especially true for healthcare organizations.

At Intellegi, our team of experts will provide you with an in-depth analysis of your existing data governance processes, including an assessment of digital risk management measures, access control, operational policies, and IT infrastructure. We’ll review any third-party tools or services you use and provide recommendations on how these components fit into your larger data security strategy.

We've done this before

Our team has decades of experience helping healthcare organizations comply with industry regulations while optimizing their operations for greater efficiency — all without sacrificing your patient’s privacy and work to augment the capabilities of your existing workforce.

Contact us today for a free consultation to discuss your needs and find out how our comprehensive data governance assessment can help keep your system and patients’ information secure while providing solutions to address staffing shortages or financial strain.


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