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We are excited to help you convert your existing content or create highly effective interactive social learning courses from scratch in just a few hours. We’re here to help your organization and employees shine.

Our AI human-like voices are perfect for reaching out to patients and to make healthcare information more accessible.

1-on-1 & Small Group Coaching

We are committed to helping your team become more productive. We offer coaching sessions that will help your employees become more effective in communicating with their patients, more resilient in dealing with stress, and more aware of cybersecurity issues to protect your patients’ data.

Bridge Partnership

For Government Agencies & Contractors

Most organizations use uninspired videos, PDFs, PowerPoints, webinars, and training events as their primary methods for training and onboarding their employees. Even when the content is important and relevant, the format of these methods can make training and onboarding time-consuming and feel like a chore, and trainees retain little of what they learn.

Professional training doesn’t have to be this way. Intellegi’s courses, designed with bite-sized audio segments and interactive, game-inspired Quiz Learn activities, are fun and engaging, and allow healthcare professionals to learn on the go. We offer our courses in video format too.

We developed an intuitive platform that makes it easy for government agencies and contractors to convert their existing content into our engaging user-friendly formats or to create interactive social learning courses from scratch in just a few hours.

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Intellegi uses AI to convert your documents, PDFs, and PowerPoint into audio files, and we offer a customizable Voice Assistant that reads them for your team or your patients. They can listen while driving, exercising, or any time.