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Unlike traditional security training platforms, Intellegi employs behavior-change strategies designed by behavioral scientists to create a culture of data privacy and security, and to engage users in new ways. Intellegi utilizes a wide range of cleverly designed multimedia content such as audio, video and gaming simulations to create an engaging, compelling, and educational experience for end users.

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i360 Plus Products: Catalog

Compliance & Regulations

Our compliance analytics can help identify areas of improvement within an organization as well as provide guidance on how to address any issues identified.

i360 CybLearn for Schools

We create an inventory of existing security policies and procedures, such as access, acceptable use policies, password guidelines and backup procedures.

iMedCare for Patients

We provide your patients access to bite-sized audio resources, such as clinical summaries, medication management in their own languages, perfect for on-the-go patients.

i360 Communication

Healthcare disparities can be traced, in part, to communication disconnects which result from language barriers, technology use, cultural norms, and many other factors. Our awareness training program seeks to address these communication deficits.

Wellness & Resilience

To empower healthcare providers and help them cope with a potential burnout situation, we have developed an awareness training program designed to equip them with the necessary skills and knowledge to remain centered and balanced during such times of stress.

i360 Bridge Solution

We are excited to help you convert your existing content or create highly effective interactive social learning courses from scratch in just a few hours. Help your organization stay on top of its game with our easy-to-use, interactive training and onboarding tools.

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