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Preventive security awareness, data governance & communication solutions.

Security protection and compliance regulations are vital. Protect your brand and your clients by making the unconscious conscious, while also providing guidance and trust.

Healthcare providers and patients can benefit from Communication tools designed to help improve collaboration between providers in real-time for better care and patient participation in their treatment plan. 

Differentiate Yourself with Intellegi

 We provide security awareness and data governance solutions which enable our partners to differentiate themselves – while saving up to 40% on costs leveraging human expertise and technology.

Healthcare providers and patients can benefit from Intellegi's communication solutions to optimize care. We offer solutions such as education in bite-sized audio on-the-go, digital engagement tools, and more to increase communication between providers and patients.

With Intellegi
Without Intellegi
DIY - Do It Yourself

Dedicated Experts

Intellegi provides dedicated experts to support your existing team with saving up to 40% of total cost of hiring 1 consultant

Average cost to hire 1 data governance consultant: $101K + recruiting fees

Average cost: $101K + 50 days of hiring - with high-risk of turnover

Access Control

Partnered role design (included). Surface blind-spots from unidentified devices logging in on healthcare networks

Hire independent contractors

Operated with blind-spots in network systems

Risk Assessment

Risk Scores for both network & employees (included)



Security Awareness Training

Premium subscription customized for client's needs


Starting from scratch (diverging limited resources)

Compliance Training

Customizable add-ons

Hire independent contractors

Build training modules from scratch

Data Governance Training

Training and performance improvement (included)

Hire contractors to provide training

Recruit team to create and provide training


Solutions to address communication disconnects and improve patient engagement

Hire independent contractors + excessive use of papers at high cost

Recruit a team of diverse communication specialists + excessive use of papers at high cost

Network Governance

Partnered implementation policies for all users --employees and devices (included)

Hire independent contractors

Recruit a team or hire contractors (leading to more fragmented solutions)

In Summary

With Intellegi: Access all of these solutions while saving up to 40%, and freeing up resources to serve your patients and improve outcomes

Use multiple contractors and specialists (creating fragmentation while blind-spots remain unaddressed)

Use extra time, already limited resources and money to solve problems that growing in magnitude and frequency

Reduce the cost and complexity of hiring and retaining data governance experts with our comprehensive suite of services

Data governance is rapidly becoming a major focus for healthcare organizations. With its increasing importance, demand for qualified experts and their expertise has surged - making them some of best-paid professionals in the industry. To avoid costly hiring rates and high turnover within your team, our solutions offer cost-effective support that merges human ingenuity with technology to ensure you're properly equipped against potential data breaches or policy violations.

i360 Plus Products Catalog

Healthcare organizations come in all shapes and sizes. That's why our bespoke plans are tailored to your organization’s needs - we recognize that no two entities are the same. We make sure you get just what you need, with affordable plans customized based on the individual organization’s needs.

We offer comprehensive solutions for healthcare organizations to help them meet compliance standards and regulations, such as HIPAA and GDPR.  Solutions to help our partners meet HIPAA compliance, navigate regulations, and we provide bite-sized training to keep staff up-to-date.

We provide your patients access to bite-sized audio resources in their own languages, perfect for on-the-go patients.

We provide interactive, informative training designed to help bridge the communication gaps between patients and providers. Healthcare disparities can be traced, in part, to communication disconnects which result from language barriers, technology use, cultural norms, and many other factors. Our awareness training program seeks to address these communication deficits.

Our awareness training program facilitates improved communication between healthcare providers and patients.


To empower healthcare providers and help prevent burnout, we have developed an awareness training program designed to equip them with the necessary skills and knowledge to remain centered and balanced during these stressful times.

Awareness training program designed to empower healthcare providers with skills to help prevent burnout and to remain centered and balanced during these stressful times.

We convert your existing content or help you create highly effective interactive social learning courses from scratch in just a few hours. Help your organization stay on top of its game with our easy-to-use, interactive training and onboarding tools.

 AI-powered solution currently in stealth mode

Be distinct, create a unique identity in the market.

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Our preventive security solutions can be tailored to your specific client's needs, making you stand out from the competition.

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