Joseph Schneiderwind, MS

VP, Inclusive Technology, Privacy & Security

Joe Schneiderwind Photo

Joseph Schneiderwind is the Vice-President of Inclusive Technology, Privacy & Security​ at Intellegi. He graduated with a BS in Engineering Physics and a MS in Computational and Applied Mathematics at the Colorado School of Mines. He achieved PhD candidacy in Acoustics at Pennsylvania State University where his research focused on underwater sound transmission in the Arctic.

Joe was a U.S. Department of Defense Graduate Research Fellow from 2014 to 2016. After leaving the PhD program due to further progression of his multiple sclerosis, Joe decided to follow his passion to teach by seeking licensure to teach secondary mathematics at Metropolitan State University of Denver. Joe’s reflection on his own educational experiences led him to begin researching the underrepresentation of learners with disabilities in STEM fields.

Joe now has multiple publications and conference presentations on this issue and is passionate about continuing to raise awareness of the importance of inclusion for people with disabilities.

His work at Intellegi focuses on conducting research in voice recognition, natural language processing (NLP), data privacy, cybersecurity risks — designing, integrating and maximizing the value of accessibility to enhance the effectiveness and ease of use of Intellegi’s products.

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