Esther Celestin-Wang, MAEd, PMP

Director, Customer Success

Esther is the Director of Customer Success at Intellegi.

For nearly a decade, Esther Celestin served as an enthusiastic classroom teacher. She spent 3 years teaching various levels in China from high school seniors to government officials before repatriating to the US to continue teaching middle school students in Texas and Georgia. She specializes in teaching language skills, communication and writing. As a teacher, Esther’s main objective was to see growth in comprehension for her students whether it be in classroom content or every day life issues that her students would eventually grow up to encounter as world citizens. She strongly believes in the constant evolution of innovation in the classroom.

Esther served as a Unit Supply Specialist at the Florida Army National Guard.

Esther graduated from Wesleyan College with bachelor’s degree in Communication, and MAEd in Education from the University of Phoenix. She holds various teaching Licenses and Certifications, including from the Georgia Department of Education and Texas Education Agency. She also holds a Certificate in Project Management.

Esther is fluent in English (native language), Creole as well as conversational in Spanish and Mandarin. 

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