We're Committed to Making Healthcare Equitable for All by Leveraging AI and Human Expertise

At Intellegi, we are driven by a personal mission to democratize AI for health equity. We build solutions to empower healthcare providers to support their patients, bridge disconnects, and improve health outcomes. Our vibrant and multicultural team brings together specialists in healthcare, education, data science, AI, and much more.

Join us in pioneering a healthcare future that empowers providers, embodies equity, and offers comprehensive education, patient engagement, and culturally informed nutritional care for chronic conditions. With Intellegi, you are embracing a movement that champions seamless patient-provider connections and an informed healthcare journey, curated to meet the diverse needs and aspirations of the communities we serve.

Leadership Team

VP, Chief Learning Officer

VP, Inclusive Technology, Privacy & Security

Director, Partnerships, Business Development, and Engagement

Director, Customer Success

Chief Business Officer

Empowering Healthcare Providers, Enhancing Patients' Lives

Join our team to shape the future of healthcare and make a lasting impact on patient lives.

A System that Works

We all understand the importance of a system to stay productive.

The true advantage of a well-organized day is the flexibility it offers, allowing you to generate content in just minutes in your patients’ preferred languages.

This flexibility is crucial, especially in the healthcare industry, where efficiently managing documentation and health plans can significantly impact your ability to focus on what truly matters—patient care.

Here's what makes Intellegi different:

We’ve developed an AI-powered platform to boost healthcare providers’ productivity, giving them more time for patient care. This platform streamlines task automation, provides quick insights, optimizes workflows, and uniquely enables providers to create and summarize content in minutes. By efficiently managing documentation and health plans, it ensures healthcare professionals can focus on their most crucial task—caring for their patients.

Our Leadership Principles

  1. Customer/User obsession
  2. Invent, adapt and simplify
  3. Agility: improving continuously
  4. Experiment without fear of failure
  5. Be yourself and speak up
  6. Establish trust: disagree & commit
  7. Have fun

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